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WordPress is at the heart of the best manageable, accessible and easily available CMS solutions. A business site can create the infrastructure of a blog, a magazine, or an e-commerce site. Thanks to its thousands of themes, extensive support and useful plugins, WordPress is a very powerful system.

According to the researches, approximately 74.6 million sites use WordPress . However, the number of add-ons developed is around 29,000 and these numbers will continue to increase in the future.

Mobile devices are a new access point for internet access. Mobile devices are gradually beginning to put pressure on desktop systems in this area, and approximately 25% of the search queries made in search engines are done on mobile devices. It is a fact that this figure will increase in the following periods.

Since the usage numbers of mobile devices have increased, the sites must be converted to mobile devices . If you do not really want users to get angry and want to visit your site frequently and keep their experience at a high level, you should ensure that your site is compatible with mobile devices. If you are using WordPress , there are several plugins that will make your site responsive design.


JetPack is a powerful plugin that can make your site ready and empowered in every respect. It has 33 specific features, one of which is to ensure that your site has a mobile responsive design. JetPack wants to be a package that you cannot give up rather than a plug-in.

Thanks to the mobile theme feature in JetPack, you can make your WordPress site suitable for mobile devices. While JetPack offers you features such as contact form, gallery, it also offers the possibility to customize your theme if you are knowledgeable about CSS and PHP.

JetPack also has site verification tools, a site speed boosting feature called “Photon” and features that offer direct integration with Google+.

JetPack is a plugin that can transform your WordPress site into mobile devices for free.

WPTouch Mobile Plugin

You are unlikely to ignore a plugin used by 5.5 million blogs. WPTouch Pro is a fully mobile responsive plugin, thanks to WPTouch Theme. Including touch improvements, WPTouch Theme and WPTouch Pro offer significantly faster speeds than other responsive sites.

WPTouch Plugin has a feature called “Infinity Cache” and this feature offers mobile storage. The images are scaled with the help of CSS, resulting in mobile-optimized images. Using different extensions, WPTouch can process content individually for mobile devices, include images, and allow the site to load faster.

This plugin is ideal for those who want to offer a unique user experience to desktop and mobile users. This plugin has several additional plugins. These additional plug-ins enable the mobile device that wants to access your site to be detected and the appropriate features to be activated.

WPTouch is available in WordPress 3.6 or higher versions. The price of WPTouch Pro starts from $ 49.

WP Mobile Detector

If you are not sure whether users are accessing your site from mobile or if you are not sure whether the request sent to the server came from mobile or desktop, you can eliminate this problem by using the WP Mobile Detector plugin.

This plugin automatically detects the device used by the person who wants to access your WordPress site and installs the appropriate mobile theme. This plugin offers advanced analysis and supports more than 5000 mobile phones. Content formats are converted to mobile devices and the plugin comes with 7 pre-installed mobile themes.

WP Mobile Detector is an ideal choice if your target audience is not just users using smart mobile devices. This plugin understands whether the request to the site is from a smartphone or a standard mobile phone and installs the appropriate mobile theme under the mobile phone standards used.

The WP Mobile Detector PRO plugin costs $ 50. This paid version allows the user to customize the mobile theme.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

If you want to take the user experience one step up and want your WordPress site to look like an app, you can use the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 plugin.

This add-on provides the user with available content based on platforms, operating systems and devices. The plugin features multi-platform support, a responsive user interface, six background covers, and a ready-made theme and post synchronization. The plugin also allows you to customize the look.

It can be integrated into the theme analysis tools used and also offers full screen mode. The plugin can work on WordPress 3.5 or higher versions.

WP Mobile Edition

Completely mobile sites are much better than responsive designs. WP Mobile Edition is an add-on that puts your existing site in a fully mobile version. It supports Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

This plugin has a mobile toggle button. It automatically detects the devices used and gives users a choice whether to switch between desktop and mobile devices. The standard mobile theme is very fast and easy to install. It features eight different color schemes, device adaptation, smart formatting, and a complete comment system. The theme is also SEO compatible and enriched with mobile advertising options.

If you are going to create a new WordPress site , you can bypass these plugins and use solutions such as Wix, Duda Mobile Website Builder.

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