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What are the rules of writing SEO compatible articles? What should be considered when writing a suitable article for SEO? What are the most common mistakes?

Writing SEO compatible articles makes it easier to find your content on search engines. But there are certain rules for writing SEO compatible articles. When content is created by following these rules, it is inevitable that you will be in the top ranks in search engines over time. So what can be done? How do articles become eligible for SEO?

Content Must Be Meaningful As Well As It Complies With SEO

The first point I would like to mention here is that  it will not be sufficient for articles to be suitable for  SEO only .  We can not assume that your articles are compatible for SEO , even if the format of your articles, the suitability of your keywords, meta description and URL structure are appropriate . Because Google is smarter than the user and tests whether the content is for the benefit of the user and according to certain rules. For this reason, we should also pay attention to the significance of the content to the points we consider as writing. If you don’t ignore this rule, you can adapt your articles to SEO.

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When your users see your article in the top ranks in the search results and come to the site, if your content contains many sentences that you think are meaningless for them but meaningful to Google, Google will make an assessment for you based on the bounce rate of users. Already, site owners can learn “Bounce Rate”, ie bounce rates, with various analytical tools. If your content is not useful for the user, Google perceives that you are manipulating the search results, of course, against you. Because when the same users search for content that will be useful to them again on the search engine, Google ensures that your content is not useful.

Original Content Should Be Produced

The sentences you use in your article should be completely unique to you. Because Google bots are constantly browsing sites and detecting duplicate content. Moving from here, if your content is not original, you can be taken down even higher in search engines and not in search engines.

For this reason, before writing an article, you should do good research and use original sentences containing your own sentences. At the same time, it would be much better if it was written by people who are experts in their articles. Although there are sites where you can buy content with money, the content you produce always will be much more useful.

Attention to In-Site Optimization

SEO is known it starts from inside first. For this reason, it is not possible to be in the top ranks in search engines by simply writing articles. These adjustments should be made carefully. These are meta tag, tittle, description settings and adjusting your URL structure. Briefly, meta tag is the code that allows search engines to recognize your site. In other words, it allows you to give the search engine a message about these keywords on my page. Tittle is the part of your site that will appear on the browser tab. It is useful to write as short as possible and should be relevant to your site. Description, on the other hand, is the section on my page that you will tell about this subject. The desciription should be as short as possible and should describe the content you write. Your URL structure, on the other hand, indicates with which structure your page is technically linked.

What do these adjustments provide to your site? First of all, when users search the search engine, they examine the titles of the content that they come across, look at their descriptions and evaluate whether this content works. No matter how good the article you wrote. If the user does not see this in the description and title section, the click-through rate for that content will be very low. Keyword selection is yet another point to be mentioned here. Keywords must be related to the content of the article.

Considerations When Writing An SEO Compatible Article

1- The title is the lifeblood of your article. It is the first point of attention of the user. And your title should be at least 3 and at most 5  words. In order to attract attention, the topic that is not related to the subject should not be used. It should be noted that the keyword appears at least once in the title. The title should  not exceed 60 characters with spaces, if possible . As we can see in a lot of content, sometimes the titles can be very impressive to attract attention, but if your title is not relevant, Google’s perception also reduces the session rate on your site when you offer a different content to the user.

2 – Attention should be paid to keyword distribution. Keywords should be distributed in the article in line with the rates. In the first paragraph of the article, the keyword should be mentioned in the middle and at the end of the article by being more intense.

3-  Writing length is also a point to be considered. Even though search engines love long articles, articles that are too long for users can seem boring. For this reason, it is useful to keep your articles between 300 and 650 words. Of course, if we are writing a technical article, we can push this rule sometimes. We  should not forget that we write our article not only for  SEO but also for readers. But in general terms, it is useful to follow the rule of text length.

4-  If we want the article we wrote to be demanded and read, we must follow the current developments in the field we write, and write articles on these topics. Topics well known to everyone may not always appeal to the reader. You can follow related blog sites, do research from foreign sources, and write articles by addressing current issues.

5-  The visual you add to your article should be related to your keyword, and you should fill in the sub-description in your keyword. The image name should be specified in relation to the article. If your visual name is irrelevant to the article, it will be impossible for users who can access your article in Google image search results to reach you. As an example, you wrote an article about football, but if you don’t include the football keyword in the name of your image, your image will generally be lower than the others when searching related to that word in Google image search results.

6-  When adding titles to the article, you should definitely  use the H1 tag. If your explanation part is H2 subtitles , it can be determined as H3 , H4 . Only one H1 and H2 tag can be used in an article. You can use other labels more. The H1 tag creates the title The H2 tag should only be used once and in the description section. If you are using a structure like WordPress, your job will be much easier. You can come to the paragraph section of the article without using any code and select the tag you want to apply from the section below and use it easily.

7- The  keyword should be passed in the URL and kept short. When the URL settings are not made under normal conditions on the sites, your articles will appear according to certain numbers. If we do not make this setting, if you do not make this setting, your category name comes after the site name, followed by the numbers 201 , 202 , 203 (the numbers are given as an example) When your URL setting is done, your category and article name comes after the site URL.

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