How To Make A Professional Website

how to make professional website

How to Make a Website?

We know how important websites are to reaching the target customer base for individuals and institutions. In fact, we hear and see that a website is being prepared and implemented primarily when a company is still in the installation phase. Disturbingly website how is it done? It is quite natural that the question is among the most frequently asked questions. Let’s clarify the issue and websitehow is it done? We asked to answer all the questions asked.

Setting Up

a Website How to make a website? ,Web siteWe want to guide you how to install step by step. Of course, it is also worth reminding that the companies that specialists work for provide a professional service. We want to provide guidance for those who are wondering how the website is made or want to set up their own website, even if it is amateurish:

Domain name / domain purchase Firstly

a domain name is purchased to establish a website. The domain name is the internet address ending in the form “.com” or “.net”. Users can access the website on the internet by typing this address, and access to the site will be provided with keywords related to the products and services to be provided through the website.

Hosting / purchasing hosting services

Hosting, ie hosting, enables the website to be actively opened on the Internet. Hosting service is required to access music, video, photos and articles published on the site. At the same time, all these data installed on the site are stored with hosting, that is, hosting.

Linking domains

and hosting After purchasing domain and hosting, the two tools are linked and the site is activated. After the domain name is defined, the server address given by the hosting is defined to the domain name. Thus, the domain name is redirected. The domain name starts working on the connected server.

Google Friendly Website How to make

a Google friendly website?If you are wondering the answer to the question, let’s say right away. The first and indispensable rule here is seo. The purpose of SEO is to help create Google-friendly sites. The contents on a Seo compatible website are user-friendly, quality information and useful information containing useful information. Original content means content that is not a copy, never losing its naturalness. It is usually between 250-300 words.

Content is powered by keywords. The content includes the keywords used to search the subject in search engines.

Keywords are written as bold.
Site coding should be error free.
Coding errors, if any, should be corrected.
Getting rid of unnecessary codes allows the site to open quickly.
The links added to the articles should not exceed at least 1 and at most 3.
The company logo should be compatible with the internet, otherwise it should be contacted with a designer.

Quality Website

If you are wondering what features a quality website should have, let’s list it immediately:

Original and quality content

It is very important that the content is quality and original, not informative but boring. Blacklisting the website is a matter of time, as duplicate content is immediately detected by Google.

Site Color

Site color is an element that reveals the company’s stance and should be the colors that most accurately represent the corporate identity.

Web Compatible Font

Google also pays attention to the font of a website. It is recommended to use a professional font rather than fancy fonts.

Site Navigation

A website should be both fast and error-free for a user. It is a fact that visitors stay longer on a site where it is easy to access the requested information.

Mobile Compatible Website

Considering how active mobile phones are used in internet use, awebsiteIt is much better understood how important it is to be mobile compatible.

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