How To Build Quality Backlinks In WordPress Site

quality backlinks

Backlink and Link Building

Backlink and Seo are a constant combination for the correct positioning on search engines.

To be visible in the Google world it is not enough to create a website it  is necessary to take a series of SEO actions that include backlinks and link building techniques.

Do many backlinks help me position myself on search engines?

The principle is always valid that quality is always better than quantity .

We are talking about the quality of the domains that link to your site and the number of domains themselves.

In addition to this we must necessarily consider whether the domains that send us backlinks deal with content related to our website.

We will list 50 techniques for obtaining quality Backlinks. An approach based and oriented to generate value for your website and your audience.

Quality backlinks to your site

1. Asking does not cost anything

When we talk about backlinks we are actually talking about relationships. The business you manage may be interesting and / or useful to some company and its public. Study and analyze not only your sector but also the “neighboring” sectors.

Identify thematic areas that may be of interest to your content.

Create the list of websites, portals and services relevant to your world and contact them.

Backlink exchange partnerships may arise. Win-win relationships are always the most lasting.

2. Use your network of contacts

In point 1 we said that Backlink is in fact a relationship. We could start from our network of contacts. Who in your circle of contacts / industry can have an advantage in sharing your content?

Many bloggers are against this approach, while others believe that link building between the same sector is not convenient. In part it is correct, it always depends on the difference in “value” of the domains.

Choose what is most appropriate and collaborate in the best way for your sector, for your business and for your content.

Do you participate in the same industry events? Send an email (or contact them via linkedin) in advance and organize a meeting.

3. Have you thought about your colleagues?

Think of your current corporate network as a gold mine for backlinks. . A simple mention of the content you are working on may be suitable for their audience and may work.

And remember,  never pay anyone in your industry, even if they are influencers and you would really like the backlink. This is against Google’s guidelines.

4. Content for the audience of your audience

You can get backlinks from shares of your own audience. The question to ask is which content is most shared? It is not only a question of topic but also of how it is proposed, the style of writing, the design, the font used, the media, infographics,… ..

5. Which sites are visiting me?

Constantly check which domains / websites connect to your site and try to contact them.

They may be interested in receiving useful articles / content on their site or in need of guest bloggers.

6. Organize a contest

Contests generate many backlinks and shares. Obviously the contest must be designed and studied according to the objective by identifying the possible websites and portals that could be interested in giving prominence to the initiative.

Your website may also receive backlinks from your followers on social media and from your colleagues’ blogs and websites.

7. Organize an event

As with the contests, the events also allow the generation of quality backlinks. Organizing an event could be a solution not only to give direct visibility to your company but also to obtain interesting links for your website. Launch the initiative from your website.

You will get backlinks to the page and maybe some clients too. After the event, redirect the page to the page that has relevant content.

8. Join and join the associations

Joining the sector associations or organizations is certainly one of the steps that we should all have taken to get our business off the ground. It is the fundamental basis of networking. At the same time, it can not only give “credibility” to your business but also give you the quality backlinks we are looking for.

9. Talk to events if you have something for the audience

Getting on a speak of a public event allows you to give you credibility but at the same time also potential backlinks from the audience of the event itself.

Important: Notify your audience in advance of the event, share it on social networks. At the end of the event, share again by providing additional information such as your presentation.

This way you can get backlinks from your audience if what you have to say is of interest to them.

10. Sponsoring is a solution

Sponsorships can allow you to have backlinks by getting links to your website from the organization you are sponsoring.

11. Interview an Influencer

Find out who the influencers in your sector are and try to contact them for an interview or to write something together.

Most likely they will share your link directly on their social channels or you will get a mention with backlinks on their website or blog.

12. Start a blog

Creating a blog is essential for your SEO. An effective blog needs an editorial plan that must be guaranteed over time.

14. “Unicorn” for backlinks

It is “Unicorn” that article that has a high level of traffic, shares and comments. Hook your new items to your Unicorn.

Analyze and identify your competitors’ Unicorns and create articles and content on the same topic.

A unicorn article stands out from the competition, which means it is better than other articles on the subject.

Make the most of your unicorns. Always give maximum relevance and visibility within your community.

If you post topics related to your Unicorn on other websites or portals they must always include backlinks to your website.

15. Joining always pays

Do you have articles with similar and / or relevant content?

Consider carefully the possibility of joining them and combining them together by redirecting the page or pages to the chosen URL with 301.

The traffic, backlinks and shares of these now combined landing pages could become your new Unicorn.

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