Right to Freedom of Religion : Democratic Rights

Now the fourth fundamental right right to the freedom of religion when we mentioned about the right to freedom we have given the choice to do whatever you want in the previous fundamental right.

We already discussed what are the restrictions what are the boundaries that bound an individual other than to insult or hurt or harm the others friends like for example.

If you want to do something which you like it should not be harming or hurting other's feelings then you are having right to freedom if you hurt or create nuisance for the others because of your right to freedom then there can be a severe restriction against them now moving ahead from then that religion is an important factor in everyone's life as an indian we all believe our practice one or the other regions india is a land of different kinds of religions birthplace.

The land where nearly six religions have taken their first step standing with buddhism jainism sikhism so they go on and hinduism we don't know from how many thousands of years we are following now moving on to understand other than hindus.

We have good number of muslims we have good number of christian people we have sikh followers then we have suraj treants jainism people buddhism people parsi community people these all are the different kinds of people for different religious practicing people living in our country india became an independent country on 15th of august 1947 on that day itself india got partition pakistan was created only and only on the basis of religion islam.

The framers of the constitution who at that time were present have seen how people are divided on the basis of religion how people were tortured when they have to cross from pakistan to india and from india to pakistan many hindus.

Were thrown out of pakistan many muslims were thrown out of india during the time of partition many of them lost their entire properties family members relatives assets everything so in future religion should not be the dividing factor to the people there should not be any dividing factor between the indians with that for sightedness the framers of the constitution clearly thought about this and gave a strong message to the future generations.

The country by giving religious freedom as a fundamental right what does the right state of being a freedom of religion means it clearly states that india is a secular state what is a meaning of the word secular state a secular state is a country where there is no official religion generally people get confused secular state india is a country where we have twenty nine states.

So we generally assume the word stayed to states so about which state he is he talking about is he talking about jammu and kashmir he is he talking about gujarat is he talking about assam is he talking about arunachal pradesh or is he talking about any of the southern states no in civics the term state means initial a territory which has a common language which has a common national boundaries.

So india doesn't have a common language but still we have the national boundaries why i mentioned you don't have a common language because we have 22 languages recognized by the constitution of india now moving on further.

A secular state is a state which does not propagate the government does not propagate any of the religion or the regis practices official you are free to follow any religion government does not favor any one individual or any one particular religion to be propagated to be officially done or to restrict someone doing something you as a citizen can profess can preach your religion whichever religion you are practicing you can preach your religion you have the freedom to preach your religion and the second you have the right to practice your religion.

The customs the traditions water your religion propagates to you you can follow them the propagation you can give the message to the others or you can form your own communities you are same people who follow the same religion community source.

When i mentioned about the prophets or when i mentioned about the propagation it doesn't mean that you compel the others to follow your religion you force the other community people also to follow your rules and your regulations know there should not be any compulsion from any side or they should not be any pressure from any corner to pressurize them to come towards this religion or to go from this region to the other region and at the same time there is a free to change your religion if i am not justified.

If i am not feeling well connected with my own religion and i feel some other religion is very interesting to me i can definitely change my religion but not because someone compels me to do that i with my own interest.

If i want to change then only i can change if anyone tries to pressurize me to change my religion then it is a severe crime because he is violating the basic rights of mine here we can have an example of dr. Br ambedkar dr. Br ambedkar the father of the indian constitution the chairman of the drafting committee was basically belonging to a hindu family who after getting an age of nearly 16 he converted himself into buddhism.

He adopted buddhism religion there was no pressure on br ambedkar so that kind of changes are entertained but not with force or not with pressure as an individual you can preach you can propagate you can do a number of things which favors you to do in a religion but you cannot compel others to come and join you and as an other creative body.

The government does not entertain any one particular religion any one particular religious practices like in a religion if you have animal sacrifices the government does not permit you to do the animal sacrifices if in your religion if you have anyone.

Who is a below has to be shaved off her head no there is severe restriction against that because be on the name of the religion has also faced many atrocities in the past if you look at the history back we have many things which we feel like they are inhuman in nature.

So the framers of the constitution has kept aside religion on one hand the human attitude on the other hand if you are killing any animal on the name of the god you are giving the animal sacrifices know as you have the right to live the same as the animals also have the right to live when you are torturing any lady whose husband has been passed.

Away a article to shave her head and up force her to put on the white dress or white clothes no we do not have any rights to interfere in her personal life you cannot pressurize her to put what kind of dress she has to put on what kind of things she has to do with her hair and up.

So there is something called individual liberty freedom that individual freedom has certain boundaries and no one can cross that bondage and go beyond that and pressurized an individual to do something on the name of a religion so the right to freedom of religion provides you the aarti to follow any religion which you wish to do you can profess propagate and also practice your religious customs but not hurting or harming others and the country will not have any official religion.

The country will be named as a secular state not like that of pakistan or saudi where they have the state's land official religion as islam so the right to freedom of religion provides you the freedom to follow any religion without hurting or without compelling others to join your religion.

So with this the right to freedom of religion religion has been set aside from the official works of the government and human attitude has been brought up in place where religion is something which is very personal when it comes to the individuals and human values have began top priority.

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