How To Get Pregnant

For the women the sort of problems that can lead to decrease in fertility include problems with ovulation problems with the fallopian tubes which is where the egg and sperm meet problems with the uterus just age-related infertility.

So there are a number of tests that we do to assess these the typical first-line initial tests of a woman undergoing fertility evaluation include some hormone levels to assess ur thyroid and ovarian function a test to check her tubes to make sure her fallopian tubes are open very important and we also do an ultrasound scan to evaluate the uterus make sure that that is generally within reason as a woman ages her fertility declines you see a woman is born with all her eggs about a million eggs per ovary at birth and by menopause about a thousand left so during her course of a life she loses a lot of eggs.

As the number of eggs go down the fertility goes down and there's no certain age after which it's a cliff it's a gradual decrease and particularly after 35 or 37 years of age fertility becomes more of a problem nearly because of age for women under 35 if they've tried for a year and haven't been able to conceive.

It's worth seeing their doctor for women over 35 six months in terms of helping couples conceive it's not a rubber-stamp so it's very individualized treatment it depends on the particular problem or problems for the couple and so we do the evaluation and then based on the evaluation we together come up with a strategy that's reasonable from my standpoint and acceptable from the patient's standpoint so typical treatments may include taking some fertility drugs to help the woman ovulate better it may include artificial insemination especially.

If there's a male factor involved in some case it's more aggressive treatment such as in vitro fertilization which is quite involved and expensive for a couple starting off on this process of trying to reproduce its first important to do everything they can to maximize their own success and thereby not need our services they can do things like a avoiding caffeine no more than one or two cups of coffee a day avoiding drugs especially marijuana a big thing for women actually is smoking smoking kills eggs it's the only thing i know that a woman can choose to do that kills eggs decreases her fertility and brings earlier the age of menopause.

So that's a big no-no when a couple embarks on trying to start a family often they hear from family friends and others that they have the time intercourse precisely with ovulation i'm a strong believer that that causes a lot of stress and that stress actually can decrease their fertility there is no study to show that if they use ovulation prediction hits or the temperature and time intercourse with ovulation that they're more likely to get pregnant so i advise couples to avoid doing that but engage in a frequency of intercourse of at least twice a week by advice couples don't go with things that are untested unproven they may help they may harm or they may do nothing fertility is too important to gamble.

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